FS1 – Oldham Town Hall

The Oldham Town Hall project saw the resurrection of a disused public building, regenerating the Town Centre with a brand new open square with a cinema, restaurants and an inviting landscaping scheme.

The aim of the film was to highlight the challenges faced in restoring a delicately old building. Featuring interviews from the Project Director, the Design Team Leader and Lighting Designer, the trio explain the design process involved and the continued success of the final scheme, whilst eminating a sense of pride in restoring a key historic building and bring it back into use for the people of Oldham.

Interviews were filmed using a single camera set up, a separately recorded shotgun audio feed and a twin light array. Illustrative footage was then filmed over the course of one day and then edited to produce some short social media friendly clips and the full 3:33 piece. All filming, recording, lighting, editing, animation, pre and post production was undertaken by myself.